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Video Games Meme Day 1

In an effort to get back into checking LJ regularly, I'm gonna be doing one of those multi-day memes.

Day 1 - Your very first video gameCollapse )

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Youmacon & Other Stuff

Youmacon was cool! I'm not up for doing a full con report, though.


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art dump

I did 24 hour comics day like a fail fail fail fail

Maybe next year.

Instead I did this.Collapse )

I'm gonna be a ranged cleric in my D&D game~ I'm really exited to play again. ;u;

so lazy

really big sketch post.

I got touhomestuck on the brain.

also some OCs.

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I'm posting this everywhere but whatever


lovegonnadrown drew me this picture and it is on my wall.Collapse )

Also I downloaded a bunch of touhous and THEY ACTUALLY WORK this is an awesome birthday present. I got 6, 7, 9, 11, 12 and I am really bad at all of them. The translation patches don't exactly work, and that kinda sucks, but I got the actual games and THAT IS MORE THAN I HAD PREVIOUSLY.

I will probably talk about this again at the end of the day AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME AHAHAHAHAH~

ok time for class
college is fine, busy, blah blah blah not what I'm here to talk about right now

I'll just leave this and this here.

I'd like to think that I have a fairly decent grasp on and appreciation for the English language. I'm aware that the things not only I, but anyone says, has meaning and value. This meaning and value isn't necessarily the same for everyone.

However, the recent surge of "ableism," especially in the context of censorship like this, seems as though it's nothing more than trying to reclaim words that no longer have the meaning these people are trying to give them. If I say that's something is lame, I'm not saying that it's crippled. And I think that even people who may have trouble walking would say that it's not exactly the berries. But that isn't even the point.

The point is, I hate it when people go out of their way to be offended. As someone at the end of the first comment thread I linked to said, "...You know what's horrible? Half of the offices in my university are on floors that people have no way of getting to if they can't use stairs. The fact that a good many public buildings still don't have ramps. The fact that people still find ways to regularly discriminate against people with disabilities in hiring situations.

Those things are horrible.

My refusal to stop *properly* using a word because someone's decided it's oppressive is *not* horrible.

Concentrating on words that may be deemed offensive is not what is most important. Sure, there may be a context in which you maybe shouldn't say certain things, but that goes for close to all words. I don't swear in front of my parents, but half of my vocabulary is expletives when I'm walking to or from class.

Lame is an essentially harmless word. It's almost cute in how old-timey it sounds. People rarely say it with the intent to offend, it's much less severe than half the things I say. Stop trying to find things to get up in arms about that don't have any significance. It must just be easier to find words to be offended at than to do something worthwhile.

I apologize for not wanting my only expression of distaste to be, "doubleplus ungood."



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