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just like dogs playing poker, it should be impossible

I'll be a tattooed Mexican painter when I grow up!
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Like Dogs Playing Poker...
Touhou Games are Impossible. :C

I'm Az! I like to fangirl about stuff! I really like Touhou, Vocaloid, and Hetalia, because I really enjoy any fandom that gives a small basis for character personalities, and then leaves most of everything else up to the fandom itself. Some people might find that to be giving the fandoms too much credit, but that's what I really like. I also like to draw, and most of my journal is filled with art dumps from my notes. You'll see a lot of those fandoms in here!

Another thing I really like is video games. Honestly, I haven't played too many games as of late, being in college without game systems is sort of not conducive to that. But! I still love discussion on games as an art medium, and a way in which good writing and story can be presented to an audience. One of my favorite game studios is Doublefine Productions, and I have a huge crush on Tim Schafer.

Aside from that, I enjoy listening to people talk about themselves, so if I've added you on my livejournal, feel free to add me on AIM (kunchankomaru), MSN (absolute_infinity8@yahoo.com) or Skype (kunchankomaru.) My deviantart/fanfiction accounts don't get much in the way of updates anymore, though, so it might be better not to add me there.

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